Bottle Drive

Autism Society of the RMWB is doing a bottle drive on Saturday, September 16th.
We will be out collecting bottles from 9am-2pm that day or you can drop off at Green Bottle Depot between 9-3 pm.

If you have bottles we can collect let us know by phone at 780-531-5777, email or message us on FB!


We greatly appreciate all the donations!
If you wish to donate some time, we need volunteers from 9-3pm (approx. 3-hour shifts – 9 am to 11:30 am and 11:30 pm to 2pm) or (9-12pm and 11-2pm), snacks and gloves will be provided for the day!

As a Bottle Drive Depot Unloader, your role will be to help unload recycling.


  • Help drivers to unload recyclables as they arrive at the Green Bottle Depot.
  • Follow health and safety practices i.e. wear gloves when picking up the bottles.

Run for a Reason 2023

We run for more than medals – we Run for a Reason.

Run for a Reason is Sunday, September 24th, it is a fundraising program that gives local charity organizations and non-profits an opportunity to fundraise through the Inter Pipeline Fort McMurray Marathon!

When you register to run, you will have three ways to participate:

  1.  Make a one time donation to a participating partner organization of your choice!
  2. Choose a participating partner organization & collect pledges:
    • Browse the list of Fundraising Partners, and choose an organization that you would like to support
    • As you train for race day, collect pledges & donations in support of your chosen organization!
    • Share your progress via your personal pledge page
  3. Gather your friends & collect pledges as a team:
    • Create or join a fundraising team during race registration:
      • To create a new team, select “Yes, create a new Fundraising Team”. You’ll then choose a team name and an organization to support. This will also make you the Team Captain.
      • To join an existing team, select “Yes, add this registrant to a Fundraising Team created by someone else”. Browse the list of existing team’s and select yours.
    • As you train for race day, collect pledges & donations in support of your Fundraising Team’s chosen organization!
    • Share your Team’s pledge page to raise donations

I support Autism Awareness- Sticker campaign

Actual Size 2.5 X 2.5

We are calling on businesses, schools, and organizations to take part in our sticker and pin campaign to raise funds that go towards services, supports and programs in your community. By purchasing a sticker, you are showing awareness and support for those living with ASD. The design of adding the Autism Society of the RMWB logo is to have a visual for where people can go to find more resources about ASD. The campaign is very simple, let us know the number of stickers you would like, then collect donations in exchange for the sticker. We will deliver the stickers and pick up donations when you are finished.

If you are a business or organization, you may choose to run the sticker campaign for the entire month of April. Stickers can be bought for $1.00 (or by donation). If you are a school you may choose to help the campaign by collecting $1.00 (or donation) per sticker from children on the day your school chooses to recognize Autism Awareness Day.

To take part in this awareness campaign please contact: to order off our store click here.

I support Autism Awareness