Fundraising Opportunities

April Acceptance Campaign

April is Autism Awareness month and the Autism Society of the RMWB is doing an AUCTION for the entire month!

The Autism Society has been active in the community for 4 years, and we are always looking for ways to expand and create new opportunities to raise awareness and acceptance in our community.

Our Auction in April will create funds for our programming within the society. Things like being able to operate our Social Respite Program, Family Fun events, Staff training, Camp Kids First activities (boat rides, tickets for activities, etc), and everyday expenses.

Hanging Basket Fundraiser


Organic Calibrachoa, Geraniums, Petunias, mixed plants, Strawberry and Tomato baskets and Organic Fertilizer available to help support the Autism Society of the RMWB Due to arrive May 12th, orders due April 22nd

If you are interested in purchasing these beautiful plants please email your order request to followed by an Email Money Transfer to


You can use our shop now, button order and pay with pay pal

Thank you for your support.

If you are interested in helping us fundraise please click for more info on the Flower order 2021 (1).



This event was created to bring acceptance and understanding to sensory needs and self-regulation. Most importantly, to normalize stimming.
What is “stimming”?

Stimming or self-stimulation is a coping mechanism Autistic people use to regulate stress, emotions and feelings of being overwhelmed. These actions help a person to calm down or to stay alert, depending on their needs. It is a repetitive movement, vocalization, tactile or auditory input.

Stimming can be rocking, twirling, hand flapping, toe tapping, humming or even repeating words or phrases. These actions allow an individual to regulate their central nervous system, decrease stress and to maintain focus. Autistic people are often told to suppress their stims or to stop them all together. This can cause a person to shut down or meltdown, greatly causing un-needed anxiety and forcing them to remain in a heightened level of stress.

We all self-regulate and provide our body and mind with the input it needs to function. Clicking your pen while you’re working, shaking your leg while sitting in a meeting, deep breaths, hair twirling. However, when a person’s needs are greater, they require a greater amount of stimulation to achieve the same goal. It is our job to make sure they have the ability to do so safely and without prejudice.

The goal of the Rock A Thon is to educate people about the differing sensory needs of people and to normalize stimming. Everyone deserves to have access to the tools they need to succeed.