The Autism Society of the RMWB is committed to creating an inclusive community through programs that support and understand autistic individuals in our region and ALL those living with neurodiversity and disabilities and supporting their families across their life span.

Newly Diagnosed

If you or someone you know are newly diagnosed and would like information on supports and resources, please download our ASRMWB Welcome Package. We would like you to know you are not alone and we are here to help.

What is Autism?

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurological condition that impacts how one will experience the world around them.  The term spectrum reflects the unique strengths autistic individuals have; no two people will experience their autism the same.  Although it is a lifelong disability it is not a degenerative condition.  An autistic brain, with all of its gifts and challenges will navigate the world differently than a neurotypical individual.  Autism is behaviorally diagnosed, affecting children and adults.

Help and Support

If you have questions and need support, we can connect you with tools and resources within our community to help you. We are happy to talk to you, even if you do not have any connection with autism. We provide programs and services for all ages of children, youth and adults with neurodiversities.

Sticker Campaign

If you would like to buy stickers and or pins to support Autism Society of the RMWB and enrich our community with inclusion, acceptance and awareness follow the link.

Upcoming Events

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Ways to Help!

It is largely through the generous support of our donors that we are able to offer and grow our programs and services for our region.  By contributing today, you could, help a caregiver navigate services and resources, make special events possible, provide equipment for programs and camp, promote positive emotional and mental health well-being, and support the continual growth through acceptance and education resources. 

Other Ways to Help!

and how you can get involved.

Volunteer With Us

Make a real difference to a neurodiverse person’s life, meet new people and learn new skills.

Become a Member

You have the opportunity to get involved, stay connected and help guide the strategic direction of the Autism Society of the RWMB by electing our board-level leadership at the annual general meeting.

Fundraising Events

We have a wide variety of events for you to take part in. Sign up today to take part in exciting events and help us raise money for an amazing cause!

Community Partner

With the generosity of our partners and donors it has allowed us to develop, a jointly beneficial fundraising experience both for people in our community and for our community partners.


Some kind words from our community


“Excellent camp – it was my child’s first time and he absolutely loved it. Wants to go back
every day so having access to more than 1 week would be amazing”

A Parent


Thank you for providing this course. The room, food and all the documentation / sensory store was a great addition to this course. Looking forward to attending more courses in the future. Great speaker and presentation!

Anonymous Attendee


“Amazing!!! What a Fantastic gift for the kids in our community ”

“Proud of you guys that’s awesome!”


Why Work With Us?

We are dedicated to ensuring that our staff feel respected, supported and valued for their efforts.

Autism Society of the RMWB offers a friendly, family orientated, and educational employment opportunities. We strive to provide the skills and knowledge for you to succeed in your position and for you to gain work experience for your future endeavors.

We Would Like You to Know

You are not alone and we are here to help.