About Autism Society of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

The Autism Society of RMWB began as a support group created by parents of children with ASD.  The creation of Kids First Camp was soon after established. The camp is a specialized program aiming to meet the unique needs of children in our community.  The camp offered an opportunity for children to attend a summer camp that otherwise would not have been able to.

In 2014 the support group partnered with Autism Society Alberta (ASA) and was providing events to the community designed to meet the needs of children and families.

Momentum continued to grow for the group of parent’s intent on creating an inclusive and informed community.  In 2016 Dr. David Nichols, PhD, RSW conducted research in our area on the impact of ASD in rural and remote communities.  However this work was interrupted by the May 3rd wildfire.

Upon reentry to our community the remaining parents having seen first hand the positive impact a more formal society could have decided to expand their vision.  A Board was formed in September 2016 and in November 2016 the support group with the support of ASA opened an office as they began plans to develop and create a society for Wood Buffalo.  The office offers a meeting space for individuals to access supports and information. A sensory store and lending shelf are available as well.

On March 3, 2017 the group received their certificate of incorporation through the Government of Alberta Society Act, officially creating the Autism Society of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.  The Society also has obtained a business licence and their Registered Charity Status.


 Support an inclusive community by respecting people, valuing diversity and a commitment to equality

 Raising awareness and understanding to create acceptance in the community

 Empowering individuals to achieve their goals

 Inspiring optimism in the community

 Provide emotionally safe and supportive setting.


We envision a centre in RMWB that will be recognized as the primary provider of support and services in our community and surrounding areas. Every person will have access to a center that provides the ability to bridge the gap between families, professionals, education support, and assessments. Our goal is to guide families and individuals to the supports needed at each stage of their life.

Mission Statement:

We strive to accommodate a support network that fosters an inclusive community by providing information, supports, awareness and programs to all those in our community affected by ASD and other barriers.


By-Laws Revised 2018:

Autism Society of the Regional Municipal Society Bylaws PUBLISHED

Annual Reports:

ASRMWB Annual Report 2019

ASRMWB Annual Report 2018 (1)

ASRMWB Annual Report 2017-2


Meet the members of our team:

Executive Board

President~Corinna Pitzel-O’Hanley

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Email: president_vice@autismrmwb.org


Vice President~Gerrie-Ann Fielder

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Email: president_vice@autismrmwb.org


Secretary~Natasha Bayley

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Email: secretary@autismrmwb.org


Treasure~Katie Cooper

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Email: treasure@autismrmwb.org


Volunteer Coordinator ~ Vacant

Email: volunteer@autismrmwb.org


Gaming Chair and Financial Administrator~Tina Delainey

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Email: autismsupport@autismrmwb.org


Members at large:

Member at Large~Karla Power

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Member at Large~Desi Stanley

Desi Stanley Biography


Staff Positions:

Community Development Officer for RMWB~Nicole Spring

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Phone: office: 587-452-9334

Email: community@autismrmwb.org


Program Director~Paula Bowen

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E Mail: campkidsfirst@autismrmwb.org       Or



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