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As many may know, April is Autism Awareness Month, with April 2nd being National Autism Awareness day.  With COVID still restricting our ability to host events we have come up with a fun filled month of virtual activities that will help us spread acceptance and awareness.

Autism acceptance is more than a day or a month, it is something we need to work towards every day.  We don’t need a special day to talk about and learn about autism, we need to make it part of our everyday lives.  We have taken a month of regular days and fun “national days” in hopes we can spread more awareness and understanding on how we can ensure autistic individuals in our community are accepted and included.

We encourage you, your business or your school to get involved and join in on some of the fun.  Instead of wearing blue on April 2nd, host a Pajama Day on April 16th for National Pajama Day.  Share a Haiku on April 17th and tag us in your post for National Haiku day.  Let staff wear jeans on April 28th for National Denim day.  Check out our calendar and see how you could incorporate some fun days!  We will help you out with some messaging and information to share, and ideas on activities for the day!

We are reaching out to businesses in the community to help with some of the dates so watch our social media pages for updates and information.

The Autism Society of the RMWB Presents:


On April 30th, 2021, The Autism Society of the RMWB will be hosting a virtual Comedy show with comedians Comics Not Otherwise Specified. This Comedy show and Keynote Presentation features 4 Autistic Adults that consider themselves “the world’s most awkward boyband”. Keep an eye out on our Social Media for a link to purchase Tickets! Below are the Comedians Bios:

Michael McCreary is an autistic comedian, author (Funny, You Don’t Look Autistic) and TEDX speaker who has been performing stand-up comedy since age 13. In the past 6 years, he has performed stand-up shows and keynote addresses in every province in Canada – plus the Yukon – and across the United States. He has been featured on The National and on CBC Radio’s “Laugh Out Loud”!” Michael gives you permission to laugh at his act “Does This Make My Asperger’s Look Big?” https://www.aspiecomic.com/

Curran Dobbs is an up-and-coming autistic comedian from Victoria. His dry delivery has entertained audiences in BC, and at the ANCA World Autism Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Curran was a finalist in Vancouver’s Yuk Off (2019). He has also appeared in films, including a starring role in the short film Godhead, which has been featured at, among others, the Toronto International Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival. @Currandobbs

Adam Schwartz is a stand-up comedian and author. Adam is a finalist for Winnipeg’s wackiest comedian with a day job, Rumour’s comedian with a day job and has appeared in the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. Adam is a regular on the Fringe Festival circuit and his show Aspergers: A Tale of a Social Misfit has sold out in many cities. Adam’s books include “I have Aspergers so I’m better than you,” and “Shh… don’t tell mom” as well as a children’s book “Ana and the Substitute Teacher”. https://www.adamschwartzcomedy.com/

Pat Tiffin is a comedian, blogger, and comedy show producer from London Ontario. He spent the last 10 years honing his craft all over southwestern Ontario. In 2012, he won the Funny 1410 “So You Think You’re Funny?” Contest. In 2019, Pat was selected as one of the Top 100 for CBC’s Next Up. Later that year, Pat helped co-found the “London Laughs” Comedy Festival. When he’s not on stage, you can find him on the weekends at Yuk Yuk’s London and producing shows under 340 Comedy Collective moniker.


Are you ready?  The 2019 event raised just over $3800 and rocked for a combined 386 hours!!  Sadly, COVID forced us to cancel the event last year.

This year we are setting a goal of $5000, and 500 hours rocked.

The Autism Society of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo would like to challenge schools, businesses, organizations and families to participate in our Second Rock-a-Thon during the month of April. All funds will help support our mission to accommodate an inclusive support network for all in our community. 

Here’s how it works:

Step 1-Have your team set a rocking goal (how many hours would you like to rock in the month) and a donation goal.

-Once your goal is set, please contact the Autism Society by March 20th, 2021 and we will provide your team with a poster, tracking sheets and donation forms.  We will also provide some information to have at your rocking area so that those participating can learn more about sensory needs and ASD.

Step 2-Find a rocking chair or 2.

-Make sure your team knows where to find it and how to track their rocking time.

Step 3-Rock for however many hours that you decided during the month of April.

-How your team rocks, is up to you: you can rock an hour a day or hold an event and have several people rock at once.

Alternate ways to participate – Set up a rocking area in your business/organization and have a donation bin.  To sit in the rocking area, people will donate to your goal. Have them fill in how long they rocked to help you achieve your “timed rocked” goal.

Rocking not your thing?  That’s okay, the reason for this event is to bring awareness and acceptance for the need of people to have a safe place to self-regulate.  Instead of a rocking area create a quiet area people can access to do what they require.  We will provide information on stimming and suggestions on items you could include in the area.

The team who raises the most donations will receive a trophy and most importantly BRAGGING RIGHTS! So, let’s get rocking Wood Buffalo…we can help raise awareness and acceptance!

Thank you for all your Support!!                                                                                        #ROCKONWB



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