My son has been going to the Autism Society for the last 3-4 years. He was diagnosed with autism and ADHD. He enjoys going Autism Society a lot. He has been learning so many different life skills. They have so many programs there like life skills, peers, youth choice programs, etc. Depending on the needs of kids they help them in learning those skills. The workers working for the Autism Society are so amazing and they take care of the need of each kid and help them to achieve them. They have so many programs for that too.

My son enjoys going out with their workers, everywhere like swimming, SPCA, grocery store, sensory play, walks, movies, bowling, etc. He feels more confident and included, as it’s hard to find such an environment outside to include him. Introducing these life skills such as going for groceries, shopping, etc. gave him a tool to increase his self-esteem and increase his confidence. He has been learning and showing great progress in self-care activities, cooking, money management, shopping, room organization, and transportation.

Kids have been learning communication skills as well at the Autism Society. He is doing wonders with his communication skills, behaviour, and socializing. He enjoyed going to summer camp last year and keeps on asking for more. He always wants to go to the Autism Society as he feels loved and included and as a parent, I feel so relaxed, and happy after seeing my son like that.

Thank you – Anonymous Parent