The Education Inclusion Program

The Education Inclusion Program, was created by the society as a lending resource that is accessible to any school and is free of charge.  It is was developed with the intention of promoting and educating others about Autism Spectrum Disorder.   With a focus on acceptance and understanding, it covers topics of understanding ASD, acceptance of differences, and how to adapt your environment to be inclusive of everyone’s needs.  Since its conception it has grown to a library of presentations that cover a range of topics for almost any organization, service provider, business, employer and family wishing to learn more about ASD acceptance and accommodations. 

Our school lending bins have been created for an intended audience of early entry to grade 6.  Educators can request to borrow a bin for their class.  Included in the bin is a collection of books, interactive material and an informative slideshow.  We have ensured that the bins have curriculum related material that could be substituted for items in health or language arts.  Reading comprehension activities, novel study material and critical thinking activities are just some of what you will find in this resource.  We have also ensured to add Leader in Me language to slideshow content.  It really is a “win, win”.  An extensive teacher recourse guide has been created for each bin and offers ideas for activities and group projects.  A teacher could use as little or as much of this program as they like. The resource can be borrowed from the society office with training provided if required or requested.  A presentation to the intended audience is available by our Community Development Officer as well. 

Looking for something to help navigate puberty?  We have a wide range of body awareness and health material that we choose from to create a custom kit made for your needs.  Great for parents and teachers.  Our collection of social stories, visuals, books and hands-on material could be just what you need to help explain topics such as puberty, hygiene, menstruation, masturbation, and appropriate touch.    

Are you a service provider or business looking to gain more knowledge or offer your staff a new professional development opportunity?  Then this program is also for you!  Our Community Development Officer provides custom, interactive presentations and learning opportunities.  This free resource can help your organization make that step to creating a more inclusive space.  Find out how we can help you today. 

We are continuing to grow and develop this resource to ensure we can make all the pieces in the community come together. 

We have been able to continue the delivery of this program through funding provided by the Community Initiative Grant from the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Kinette’s Club of Fort McMurray has generously donated one full set lending bins.

For more information contact our Community Development Officer at 

or phone: 587-452-9334 

Or you can follow the link below to request a kit:

Education Inclusion Kit Request (