Our Team

Executive Director ~Tina Delainey

My name is Tina Delainey. I was born and raised in Fort McMurray, I lived here my whole life. I have a supportive husband; Clint, and have four amazing children Gabrielle, AJ, Hunter and Owen. Both my older children are on the Spectrum and my nephew was diagnosed with Autism. Myself and a few other members of the current board returned from the fire in 2016 and decided that the community needed more, so we formed the Autism Society of the RMWB. I have a background in business and knew the skills I have could benefit being on the Board.
Being a part of this Society has brought me great pride in our board members, volunteers and everyone involved with the accomplishments we have done.

Email: ED@autismrmwb.org

Community Development Officer ~Danielle Lidstone


My name is Danielle Lidstone, I was born in Ontario but have called Fort McMurray home for over 30 years. I have a supportive husband and two children. While being a stay-at-home mom I found a passion in nonprofit and volunteering in our community. In 2019 I went to school and completed a nonprofit management certificate. I enjoy giving my time to various organizations in our community. While being a volunteer in the community I see the importance of inclusion. Although there has been a lot of progress through the years, I see the opportunity and need for the continued growth to build an inclusive community.  I am excited to be part of the Autism Society to help build inclusion, awareness and support families. 

Phone: office: 587-452-9334

Email: community@autismrmwb.org

Program Director~Paula Bowen

My name is Paula Bowen. I was born in Wales, UK. and lived in Fort McMurray with my husband and children since 2008. I have been supporting children and adults with autism for 20 years in various capacities. Most of my career I have worked in special education and early years education; I have been involved with the organization and running of Camp Kids First in our community since 2011. There are many exciting things happening as our board grows and flourishes and I’m proud to volunteer alongside like-minded people with a passion for autism awareness in our community.

E Mail: campkidsfirst@autismrmwb.org       Or



Office Support and Assistant Program Director

~ Jenna Locke

My name is Jenna Locke and I was born and raised in Newfoundland. I moved to Fort McMurray 4 years ago and now I call it home! I have always been passionate about helping others ever since my brother was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. He has helped me become the person I am today, and I am very thankful for that!  I have worked with the Autism Society of the RMWB since May of 2019. I started as a support worker for our social respite program and am now in the position of Office Support and Program Leader. Being a part of this society has been the most amazing experience and I am excited for the accomplishments to come in the future, and to provide supports and awareness to our community! 

Email: jennaL@autismrmwb.org 


Employment Support Program Facilitator

     ~ Jibran Hamayun 


Hi, my name is Jib, helping others has always been a huge part of my identity and is the reason why I chose to pursue social work in the first place. I was fortunate enough that my passion for helping others translated into the opportunity in which I can fully invest my time and effort into the dream of becoming a professional helper and providing help to those around me.Growing up on a small island in the Philippines I would spend most of my free time volunteering at shelters, and nursing homes, helping the disabled and doing food drives for the homeless, Basically whenever there was a chance to help people I would jump head first. The core of my passion for helping others has always been surrounded by my enthusiasm for being able to bring out and highlight the strengths of my clients and use these strengths as a source of client empowerment. I take huge pride in being able to be an advocate for my clients as well as being the catalyst that connects clients to volunteer and work opportunities that will help bring out their potential to be the best version of themselves both personally and professionally. I also place much importance on helping clients become integral members of the community of Wood Buffalo and helping clients become trailblazers for other people to follow.

Email: employment@autismrmwb.org

Our Respite Staff

Lastly, but definitely not least, our social respite staff. These ladies are earth angels. They keep your kiddos safe, AND having the best time. We couldn’t do it without them!

Top row left to right: Alexis, Glenda, Shannon

Second row left to right: Emily, Leslie, Jenna, Kat

Center: Candice, Nicole, Charlotte

Bottom left to right: Jenna, Daniella, Linda, Juliate