Our Board

Selfless contributions are the

best and greatest assets out of a Society. 


Our Board of Directors is completely volunteer based. They bring to the board Versatility, Optimism, Understanding, Talent, Enthusiasm, and Resiliency – and that is, kind of amazing. We thank them for their countless hours of time.

Email: president_vice@autismrmwb.org


Email: president_vice@autismrmwb.org


Email: treasurer@autismrmwb.org



Email: secretary@autismrmwb.org


Email: volunteer@autismrmwb.org




Autism Society is looking for energetic, passionate individuals to:

  • Provide your voice to decisions and services that shape our community in the RMWB.
  • Promote the organization in the community
  • Attend monthly Board meetings and committee meetings
  • Serve on sub-committee (i.e. fundraising, events)
  • Volunteer at events

Interested? Please submit your Expression of interest to autismsupport@autismrmwb.org or attend a meeting held third Wednesday of every month.

Our Mission as Autism Society of the RMWB

We are committed to creating an inclusive community through programming, supports, and understanding for Autistic individuals in our region, and all those living with a disability and their families across the lifespan.