Our Board

Selfless contributions are the

best and greatest assets out of a Society. 


Our Board of Directors is completely volunteer-based. They bring  to the board Versatility, Optimism, Understanding, Talent, Enthusiasm, and Resiliency – and that is, kind of amazing. We thank them for their countless hours of time.


PRESIDENT~Corinna Pitzel-O’Hanley



My name is Corinna O’Hanley, I   was born and raised in Fort   McMurray and so was my   husband. We have three   wonderful sons; Sullivan,   Oliver and Griffin. Our oldest   son was diagnosed with autism   when he was 3-years-old. I am   proud to say that I was part of   the group of parents and   professionals that got together to create the Autism Society of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in 2016 and I am honored to now be President of the Board. Our society has accomplished so much in our community in a short time and we are excited to continue raising awareness and creating programs for the families in our area.

Email: president_vice@autismrmwb.org


VICE PRESIDENT~Gerrie-Ann Fielder


My name is Gerrie Ann Fielder. I was born and raised in Fort McMurray, met my husband here and am now raising my two wonderful sons, Liam and Blake here. Since my youngest son was diagnosed with autism I have been involved with the Autism Society and took the position of Vice-President in February 2018. I joined the Autism Society of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo to raise awareness and support those affected by autism in our community. Watching this community grow and thrive makes me proud that I am a part of the society and the wonderful impact it has on the residents of the municipality.

Email: president_vice@autismrmwb.org




Email: secretary@autismrmwb.org


TREASURER ~Katie Cooper



My name is Katie Cooper. I have lived in Fort McMurray for 10 years with my husband Lawrence. We have 3 beautiful children. Austin, Tegan, and Dax. Our oldest son, Austin was diagnosed with autism when he was 4. For the past couple of years, I have heavily relied on the ladies of the board for support and guidance. While I’ve always been an active member of the many activities put on by the society, I’ve only recently became an official member of the board. I am thrilled to be the treasurer of our society, and humbled to do it with the best! Being part of this growth and acceptance for my son, and other families, brings me so much. I am proud of where we are today, and excited to see where we go next!

Email: treasurer@autismrmwb.org


GAMING CHAIR ~Tina Delainey


My name is Tina Delainey. I was born and raised in Fort McMurray, I lived here my whole life. I have supportive husband; Clint, and have four amazing children Gabrielle, AJ, Hunter and Owen. Both my older children are on the Spectrum and my nephew was diagnosed with Autism. I and a few other members of the current board returned from the fire in 2016 and decided that the community needed more, so we formed the Autism Society of the RMWB. I have a background in business and knew the skills I have could benefit being on the Board.
Being a part of this Society has brought me great pride in our board members, volunteers and everyone involved with the accomplishments we have done in the last four years.

Email: autismsupport@autismrmwb.org



Email: volunteer@autismrmwb.org




Autism Society is looking for energetic, passionate individuals to:

  • Provide your voice to decisions and services that shape our community in the RMWB.

  • Promote the organization in the community

  • Attend monthly Board meetings and committee meetings

  • Serve on sub-committee (i.e. fundraising, events)

  • Volunteer at events

Interested? Please submit your Expression of interest to autismsupport@autismrmwb.org or attend a meeting held third Wednesday of every month.

Our Mission as Autism Society of the RMWB

We are committed to creating an inclusive community through programming, supports, and understanding for Autistic individuals in our region, and all those living with a disability and their families across the lifespan.