Who we are


The Autism Society of the RMWB is a grassroots organization created by parents, that grew into a society creating a network of supports for families in our community. Today, the organization offers programming for children and adults of all differing abilities and has the capacity to assist families and individuals navigate additional services, as well as support them through their journey. By providing a variety of educational presentations as well as engaging in community events, we continue to strive to create an inclusive community. 


  •  Support an inclusive community by respecting people, valuing diversity, and a commitment to equality

  • Raising awareness and understanding to create acceptance in the community

  • Empowering individuals to achieve their goals

  • Inspiring optimism in the community

  • Provide an emotionally safe and supportive setting.


We envision a center in RMWB that will be recognized as the primary provider of support and services in our community and surrounding areas. Every person will have access to a center that provides the ability to bridge the gap between families, professionals, education support, and assessments. Our goal is to guide families and individuals to the supports needed at each stage of their life.


We strive to accommodate a support network that fosters an inclusive community by providing information, supports, awareness, and programs to all those in our community affected by ASD and other barriers.



Approved Bylaws 2020




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