The Missing Piece

Thanks to funding provided by The RMWB Community Investment Program. The program allows us to continue community office hours, a community development officer and the expansion of the Missing Piece Project.  The Community Development Officer is here to provide support and guidance with connecting individuals to programs, supports and information. As well as providing education and awareness to the community through public engagements, presentations and information.

The Missing Pieces Program is a resource intended to promote and educate others about Autism Spectrum Disorder.  It will cover topics of understanding ASD, acceptance, how to assist and include others by understanding differences.  Each kit will have activities designed to promote inclusion, understanding and acceptance and will be tailored to the specific user group.

The resource can be borrowed from the Autism Society office with training provided if required.  A presentation by the Community Development Officer, is also available.

Intended audience for the program are for educational staff, Students (K-12 kits available), community groups and employers.

This is a free resource that can help your organization make that step to creating a more inclusive space. 

Find out how we can help you today. We are continuing to grow and develop this resource to ensure we can make all the pieces in the community come together. 

For more information contact our Community Development Officer at 

Phone: 780-215-2459